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When we think of 'healing", we need to keep in mind that there are different forms of healing, Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional..As a woman of the  esoteric arts and with my nursing background.. I am a firm believer in passing on the "Healing of Love "to others.Its imperative we leave a positive mark in every ones lives, Your family, friends, neighbors, strangers on the street.I always held a high regard for "Enhancing other peoples lives."I was in the nursing field for 30 years .It was my experiences doing that line of work that taught me alot about not only myself..But of others as well. Science and experimentation with plants was always a interesting topic for me.I can  recall as a child of 4 years of age ,I was mixing dirt, rocks, weeds, leaves mud. anything I could get my hands on in the yard to make a weird concoction!.I was always fascinated on how it would 'turn out" after it was done!!. I learned recipes of various kinds from both grandmothers of different cultural backgrounds..I learned how to experiment with different flavors and never was afraid to "try something new!"..I have taken those qualities I have  learned and turned it into "MY Passion"! ..I now make my own special  herbal formula body products ,.Shampoo bars, healing medicinal s from Mother Earth , Hair , face and skin serums ,taking part in  Organic Permaculture  methods.. I take pride in creating each product using my tender loving hands. I am proud to be a part of this life..It has so much to offer all of us..Lets make that difference in each others lives. You never know when someone might need a smile that day!...Make someones day!!

Brightest Blessings!!




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