Angels Touch Essential oils and Essential Combos

Angels Touch Essential oils and Essential Combos


Angel's touch has taken it to the next step and is now offering uncut pure uncut essential oils and essential oil combinations. For all of your aromatherapy needs

My essential oils are extracted using the steam distilled method. All are organic in nature and made with the highest of standards..

I offer many different aromas including ones that have two combinations..

All come in 15 ml glass bottles..

Can be used in the diffuser or worn as a natural perfume!

Listed as follows!

Lavender flowers essential oil.

Rose essential.



Sandalwood Orange combination

Frankincense Bergamot


Patchouli Orange combination


Lavender and peppermint combination

Sandalwood Rose combination

Vanilla essential

Neroli Ylang Ylang combination



Calendula marigold combination

Spruce essential oil

Jasmine essential

Gardenia essential